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Yay for the weekend. I had a good time and didn't drink much. I only mention that as I've noticed that I never have been in the house any more. It tends to go quickly. I only buy the kind that is a little pricier so by not buying it I'm saving money. The pricier stuff tends to taste better, too, which means more goes down in each sitting. I don't think that I've been overdoing it, but I know that I'm prone to do so once in a while.

I'm down to one business officially. My lease is up because I'm subletting from someone who is letting their lease up. Happily, I'm working that part time job at the chiropracter's across town that'll expand to a full time position eventually. I just need business still. I'm bad at rounding up business but I'm getting a lot of help from my dad which is good.

I'm been writing quite a bit. I'm getting a module ready for our tabletop gaming nights. The level of planning that I've been doing on this is immense. It's against what I've usually done, since I love the improvization that gaming nights usually consist of, but the last DnD campaign module that I ran went so well that I want to have something equally impressive this time.

There's a Real ID Horde Raid group that I'm going to apply for. They'll get forewarned that we're rookies, but maybe it'll bring some fun back.

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In WoW, we're struggling to keep our guild nights running. We need new blood, but we just don't know people who'd want to join. And if they did, they'd probably want to raid or etc and we just don't have the population for that. Hopefully we just meet more people. It seems like WoW is facing another mass exodus, at least on Sentinels.

I'm very glad that I'm going to be down to one business, soon. I'm sick of dealing with unresponsive support at Hillcrest. Their fluff off phrase tends to be 'I've got 55 other clients, so you can't expect me to listen to you right now.' Being too big so you can do your job should never be an excuse.

And the chiropracter is much, much nicer.

Installing Mass Effect 3. I will finish the hell out of this game. Hopefully my guys won't die at the end, or at least just the ones I don't like.

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So, I'm trying to sublet an office in hillcrest (thunder bay centre of change) and it's been like pulling teeth. It's really been horrible having to jump through many, many hoops in order to do any sort of advertising and to get anything done physically to the building requires a runaround that's tiring and exceedingly unprofessional.

Here's my latest letter to Sandi Boucher:
Sandi, I just put in a call to maintenance to get a ring out of a drain. This was an embarrassing incident enough for my client, but to be told that the maintenance guy MIGHT be by after 4 does not help at all. After getting fluffed off on the phone I ventured down to the main office to interrupt the young man on the desk emailing us while we were waiting for the phone call.

I was told by the young man at the front office that the problem would be fixed 'first thing in the morning'. I confirmed with him that this meant '9 am'. I'll be there then to get this sorted out and I would appreciate if you could notify me if there are any delays.

This kind of runaround is insulting from a professional standpoint.

To remove the pipe and get the ring will take approximately 5 minutes. This delay will cost me upwards of 2-3 clients (75$ appointment, roughly 2 appointments per month per client) let alone the bad reputation from this incident that myself and the Centre of Change will receive.

Please tell me this isn't standard procedure because if it is, then I'd like to make a few suggestions.

I'm unfortunately not going to be there for too much longer as the lady that I'm subletting from is letting her lease expire.

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Successful business trip to Fort Hope! It was fun and somewhat educational.

Successful guild dungeon run last night! Only one wipe, which is normal. We're undergeared and not very good, but at least it was fun.

Time to set the office back up and get to work.