CoffeeMan (seileurt) wrote,

my reply to Roger Ebert (again)

I'm certain if you reviewed Manos The Hands of Fate (or nearly anything that MST3K covers) you wouldn't necessarily deem that 'Art' as well.

Video games, like all other forms of escapism and entertainment - see television and movies, can be good or bad depending on their plot, direction, acting, etc. Singling one out and saying they're all garbage would be like watching Manos and determining to not watch The Dark Knight.

And do they inspire? Gamers certainly talk about them, write their own fiction (which sometimes turns into disturbing best sellers, post fan art ( and remake the inspiring music ( So, I'd have to say yes.

Do they take skill to make? As much as a high end movie for some and for a small developing team for the independent games/movies for others.

Quite frankly, you still sound like a Jack Thompson caricature. After reading this article I feel relief that I mostly disagree with your opinions on movies as well. Thank you for enlightening me to your generational bias. If you, or your employer, has a professional reviewer that is perhaps younger and more open to newer forms of media, I would like to be informed of their opinions since they'd benefit me. But thank you for explaining to me that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially when they don't want to learn.
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